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date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 20:07:41 +0200
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-MCabber is maintained by Mikael Berthe <bmikael@lists.lilotux.net>
+MCabber is maintained by Mikael Berthe <mikael@lilotux.net>
 Parts come from differents projects (the origin is mentioned in
 the source headers, usually).
@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
 Thanks to Michal Jeczalik Jr (aka salvador) and Philip M. White (aka pmw)
 for their help (documentation, suggestions, etc.).
+Thanks to hednod for hosting the mcabber wiki.
 Thanks to the following contributors:
   Reimar Döffinger
@@ -16,20 +17,27 @@
   Christof Meerwald
   Myhailo Danylenko
   Alexis Hildebrandt
-  Frank Zschockelt
+  Frank Zschockelt (aka franky)
   Michael Scherer
   Oleg Nemanov (aka Lego_12239)
   Piotr Zielonka (aka entragian)
+  Michal Vaner (aka vorner)
   FR    Mikael Berthe
-  PL    Michal Jeczalik Jr
+  PL    Michal Jeczalik Jr (aka salvador)
   UK    Myhailo Danylenko
   DE    Frank Zschockelt
   NL    Eric Hameleers
   RU    Loenko Artyom (aka dive)
   IT    Alessandro Dotti Contra
+I'd like to thank the regular members of the mcabber MUC room for their ideas
+and suggestions: Wolfram, bb, MysticOne...
 Here is the original acknowledgement from the cabber project: