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author Holger Weiß <>
date Sat, 21 Nov 2015 17:44:59 +0100
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This document describes the preferred coding style for the mcabber project.

If you intend to patch and contribute to mcabber, please try to use the
existing style, and read the following points.

- Do not use tabs, use space characters;
- Avoid trailing whitespace;
- Avoid lines longer than 80 characters;
- Indentation is 2 spaces (ok, maybe it isn't a good idea but it's the
  current style);
- Put a space after non-functions statements (e.g. if, while...)
- Put the opening brace last on the same line, and put the closing brace first
  except for functions, where the opening brace should be alone on a new line.


    void example(void)
      if (cond1) {
      } else if (cond2) {
      } else {

      if (error)

 - Look at existing code for rules not mentioned here.