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date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 21:47:00 +0200
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* mcabber does not work with gnutls


* Implement automatic reconnection after network failure
* Show number of online contacts in folded groups
* Publish personal information
* GPG support
* Colors for presence
* Improve the completion system
* Persistent room in the roster (join every connect)
* MUC: advanced settings for room creation
* MUC: display roles of room members
* JEP-0022/0085: Message events / chat states (composing, etc.)
* "Offline roster" (when disconnected)
* Maybe cache iq:version and show version in /info, if available
* Sort roster by status
* 2-levels roster display (jids, resources)
* "Ignore list" (privacy lists)

* File transfer? :)

* Commands:

  - /roster enable|disable xml
  - /info [jid]
    (request info to the server if the buddy is not in the roster)
  - /server register|unregister
  - /search <jid>|name
    (server search)