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Add /pgp [-]force With this command it becomes possible to enforce PGP encryption without checking if the remote client has PGP support. It can be used to send encrypted offline messages too.
author Mikael Berthe <>
date Fri, 27 Apr 2007 00:37:57 +0200
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#ifndef __JABGLUE_H__
#define __JABGLUE_H__ 1

#include <glib.h>

#include "roster.h"
#include "../libjabber/jabber.h"

# include <config.h>

 extern char *strptime ();

extern jconn jc;
extern guint AutoConnection;

extern char imstatus2char[];
// Status chars: '_', 'o', 'i', 'f', 'd', 'n', 'a'

enum agtype {

enum iqreq_type {

struct annotation {
  time_t cdate;
  time_t mdate;
  gchar *jid;
  gchar *text;

char *compose_jid(const char *username, const char *servername,
                  const char *resource);
jconn jb_connect(const char *fjid, const char *server, unsigned int port,
                 int ssl, const char *pass);
inline unsigned char jb_getonline(void);
void jb_disconnect(void);
void jb_main(void);
void jb_subscr_send_auth(const char *bjid);
void jb_subscr_cancel_auth(const char *bjid);
void jb_subscr_request_auth(const char *bjid);
void jb_subscr_request_cancel(const char *bjid);
void jb_addbuddy(const char *bjid, const char *name, const char *group);
void jb_delbuddy(const char *bjid);
void jb_updatebuddy(const char *bjid, const char *name, const char *group);
inline enum imstatus jb_getstatus(void);
inline const char *jb_getstatusmsg(void);
void jb_setstatus(enum imstatus st, const char *recipient, const char *msg,
                  int do_not_sign);
inline void jb_setprevstatus(void);
void jb_send_msg(const char *fjid, const char *text, int type,
                 const char *subject, const char *id, gint *encrypted);
void jb_send_raw(const char *str);
void jb_send_chatstate(gpointer buddy, guint chatstate);
void jb_keepalive(void);
inline void jb_reset_keepalive(void);
void jb_set_keepalive_delay(unsigned int delay);
void jb_room_join(const char *room, const char *nickname, const char *passwd);
void jb_room_unlock(const char *room);
void jb_room_destroy(const char *room, const char *venue, const char *reason);
void jb_room_invite(const char *room, const char *fjid, const char *reason);
int  jb_room_setattrib(const char *roomid, const char *fjid, const char *nick,
                       struct role_affil ra, const char *reason);
void jb_iqs_display_list(void);
void jb_request(const char *fjid, enum iqreq_type reqtype);
GSList *jb_get_all_storage_bookmarks(void);
void jb_set_storage_bookmark(const char *roomid, const char *name,
                             const char *nick, const char *passwd,
                             int autojoin);
struct annotation *jb_get_storage_rosternotes(const char *barejid, int silent);
GSList *jb_get_all_storage_rosternotes(void);
void jb_set_storage_rosternotes(const char *barejid, const char *note);

#endif /* __JABGLUE_H__ */

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