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[/trunk] Changeset 63 by mikael * Add commands.[ch] files, to deal with command lines. Move sendmessage() to commands.c * Update Makefile accordingly. * Create a scr_WriteMessage() function, layer between UI and the scr_WriteIncomingMessage() / scr_WriteOutgoingMessage(). (The last one is a new function)
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date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 10:07:59 +0000
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#ifndef __SCREEN_H__
#define __SCREEN_H__ 1

#include <ncurses.h>

#define COLOR_POPUP     1
#define COLOR_GENERAL   3
#define COLOR_BD_CON    5
#define COLOR_BD_DES    7

#define LOG_WIN_HEIGHT  (5+2)
#define ROSTER_WEIGHT   24

#define INPUTLINE_LENGTH  1024

extern int update_roster;

void scr_InitCurses(void);
void scr_DrawMainWindow(void);
void scr_TerminateCurses(void);
// void scr_WriteInWindow(char *nombreVentana, char *texto, int TimeStamp,
//                       int force_show);
void scr_WriteIncomingMessage(char *jidfrom, char *text);
void scr_WriteOutgoingMessage(char *jidto,   char *text);
void scr_RoolWindow(void);
void scr_ShowBuddyWindow(void);
void scr_LogPrint(const char *fmt, ...);

int scr_IsHiddenMessage(char *jid);

WINDOW *scr_GetRosterWindow(void);
WINDOW *scr_GetStatusWindow(void);
WINDOW *scr_GetInputWindow(void);

int scr_Getch(void);

int process_key(int);