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Display presence notification timestamps when they exist These timestamps were used in the roster, but not in the buffer window message nor in the history logfile. Reported by "ze".
author Mikael Berthe <>
date Wed, 03 May 2006 11:28:41 +0200
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#ifndef __UTILS_H__
#define __UTILS_H__ 1

#include <config.h>

extern char *LocaleCharSet;

#define to_utf8(s)   ((s) ? g_locale_to_utf8((s),   -1, NULL,NULL,NULL) : NULL)
#define from_utf8(s) ((s) ? g_convert_with_fallback((s), -1, LocaleCharSet, \
                                        "UTF-8", NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL) : NULL)

void ut_InitDebug(unsigned int level, const char *file);
void ut_WriteLog(unsigned int flag, const char *data);

int checkset_perm(const char *name, unsigned int setmode);

const char *ut_get_tmpdir(void);

int    to_iso8601(char *dststr, time_t timestamp);
time_t from_iso8601(const char *timestamp, int utc);

inline void safe_usleep(unsigned int usec); /* Only for delays < 1s */

int check_jid_syntax(char *jid);

void mc_strtolower(char *str);

void strip_arg_special_chars(char *s);
char **split_arg(const char *arg, unsigned int n, int dontstriplast);
void free_arg_lst(char **arglst);

void replace_nl_with_dots(char *bufstr);
char *ut_expand_tabs(const char *text);

#if !defined (HAVE_STRCASESTR)
char *strcasestr(const char *haystack, const char *needle);

#endif // __UTILS_H__

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