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Improve support for GnuPG v2+ If the gnupg engine detected is not 1.x, do not check the environment variable GPG_AGENT_INFO and do not set up a password callback.
author Mikael Berthe <>
date Wed, 07 Oct 2015 21:58:38 +0200
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#ifndef __MCABBER_PGP_H__
#define __MCABBER_PGP_H__ 1

#include <mcabber/config.h>


#include <gpgme.h>

int   gpg_init(const char *priv_key, const char *passphrase);
int   gpg_is_version1(void);
void  gpg_terminate(void);
void  gpg_set_passphrase(const char *passphrase);
void  gpg_set_private_key(const char *priv_keyid);
const char *gpg_get_private_key_id(void);
char *gpg_verify(const char *gpg_data, const char *text,
                 gpgme_sigsum_t *sigsum);
char *gpg_sign(const char *gpg_data);
char *gpg_decrypt(const char *gpg_data);
char *gpg_encrypt(const char *gpg_data, const char *keyid[], size_t n);

int   gpg_test_passphrase(void);

#endif /* HAVE_GPGME */

int gpg_enabled(void);

#endif /* __MCABBER_PGP_H__ */

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