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#ifndef __BUDDIES_H__
#define __BUDDIES_H__ 1

#include <ncurses.h>
#include "list.h"

/* Definici´┐Żn de tipos */
typedef struct _buddy_entry_t {
  char *jid;
  char *name;
  char *group;
  char *resource;
  int flags;
  struct list_head list;
} buddy_entry_t;

void bud_DrawRoster(WINDOW * win);
void bud_RosterDown(void);
void bud_RosterUp(void);
void bud_InitBuddies(int sock);
void bud_TerminateBuddies(void);
int bud_BuddyCount(void);
void bud_SetBuddyStatus(char *jidfrom, int status);
void bud_ParseBuddies(char *roster);
void bud_AddBuddy(int sock);
void bud_DeleteBuddy(int sock);
buddy_entry_t *bud_SelectedInfo(void);