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Add /room setopt {print_status,auto_whois} - add the command /room setopt - add option 'muc_auto_whois' The MUC settings auto_whois and print_status can be set on a per-room basis.
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 /ROOM join|leave|names|nick|remove|topic|unlock|destroy
 /ROOM privmsg|invite|kick|ban|role|affil
 /ROOM setopt print_status|auto_whois [value]
 /ROOM bookmark [add|del] [-autojoin|+autojoin]

The 'room' command handles Multi-User Chat room actions.

/room join [room [nick [pass]]]
 Join "room", using "nick" as nickname.  If no nickname is provided (or if it is an empty string), the "nickname" option value is used (see sample configuration file).  If the currently selected entry is correctly recognized as a room by mcabber, the shortcut "." can be used instead of the full room id.  A password can be provided to enter protected rooms.  If your nickname contains space characters, use quotes.
/room leave [message]
 Leave the current room
/room names [--detail|--short|--quiet]
 Display members of the current room
/room nick newnick
 Change your nickname in the current room
/room privmsg nick msg
 Send private message "msg" to "nick"
/room remove
 Remove the current room from the roster (you must have left this room before)
/room topic newtopic
 Set topic for current room
/room unlock
 Unlock current room (if you are the owner)
/room destroy [reason]
 Destroy the current room (use with care!)
/room whois nick
 Display MUC information about "nick"
/room ban jid [reason]
 Ban jid from the current room
/room unban jid
 Unban jid from the current room
/room invite jid [reason]
 Invite jid to the current room
/room kick nick [reason]
 Kick "nick" from the current room
/room role jid role [reason]
 Change jid's role (role can be "none", "visitor", "participant", "moderator")
/room affil jid affil [reason]
 Change jid's affiliation (affil can be "none", "member", "admin", "owner")
/room setopt print_status|auto_whois [value]
 Change settings for the current room
 For print_status, the possible values are "default", "none", "in_and_out", "all".
 For auto_whois, the possible values are "default", "off", "on".
 When the value is "default", the options muc_print_status / muc_auto_whois is used.
/room bookmark [add|del] [-autojoin|+autojoin]
 Add, remove or update a bookmark (default is add).
 If autojoin is set, mcabber will automatically join the MUC room when it connects to the server.
 To see the list of bookmarks, use /room bookmark in the status buffer.