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[/trunk] Changeset 40 by mikael * Change structure -> src directory for mcabber source code...
author mikael
date Sun, 27 Mar 2005 20:16:02 +0000
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--[cabber 0.5.0-test1]--
  - unification of lists in list.h
  - changed UI... now is multiwindow and have popups!!!
  - roster is now capable of add/delete buddies (very primitive and buggy!)
  - improved many routines. Thanks to Daniel Borca.
  - Added i18n function to translate cabber to others languages
  - TODO: management of buddies away status...

--[cabber 0.4.0-test5]--
  - many bugs fixed: (roster, utf8...)
--[cabber 0.4.0-test4]--
  - added UTF8 encoding/decoding (yes, it have bugs...)
  - added default color for make cabber transparent (Johannes WeiBl)
  - fixed cursor position.
--[cabber 0.4.0-test3]--
  - rewritten routine "receivedata" at socket.c (bug #1: Johannes WeiBl)
  - ignored left and rigth keys until i implement input line editor.
  - colors are stored in $HOME/.cabberrc
	- see cabberrc.example ;-)
--[cabber 0.4.0-test2]--
  - not public.	

--[cabber 0.4.0-test1]--
  - many routines has been rewritten again d8-)
    * use of lists instead of stacks for store data
	- stack.c is not needed anymore, i use list.c instead.
	- added a ugly routine for sort list (improve it!!)

    * socket module has been rewritten and improved:
	- O_NONBLOCK eliminated
    * module parse.c has been rewritten: now is more effective.

    * the XML parser is now more effective (i hope!)	 

    * contact list:
	- it have scroll bar now,  (manoleT have a large list of contacts ;-)
	- now contacts are sorted alphabetically.
    * a lot of new bugs... sorry, but my main pc is broken. This version
      of cabber has been made in my laptop.