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McAbber is maintained by Mikael Berthe <>

Parts come from differents projects (the origin is mentioned in
the source headers, usually).

Thanks to the libjabber, cabber and centericq projects authors!

Here is the original acknowledgement from the cabber project:

    Special Thanks to:
        Daniel Borca   (
                       Many of the new code is his own work!!!
                       Thanks Daniel!!!

    Thanks to:
        Abrililla	   (???)
        Gabber	   (
        Manolo Romero  (    
        NexusX	   (
        Pablo2000	   (
        Pras           (???)
        Ted		   (
        Thomas Fischer (
        _Yed_	   (#linux at irc-hispano)
        ZJoyKiller 	   (#linux at irc-hispano)