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date Fri, 06 Nov 2015 19:46:48 +0100
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MCabber is maintained by Mikael Berthe <>

Parts come from differents projects (the origin is mentioned in
the source headers, usually).

Thanks to the libjabber, cabber and centericq projects authors.
Thanks to the Gaim project, and to all members of the Jabber community!

Thanks to Michal Jeczalik Jr (aka salvador) and Philip M. White (aka pmw)
for their help (documentation, suggestions, etc.).
Thanks to hednod for hosting the mcabber wiki.

Thanks to the following contributors:
  Reimar Döffinger
  Jefferson Ogata
  Sören Andersen
  Christof Meerwald
  Myhailo Danylenko
  Alexis Hildebrandt
  Frank Zschockelt (aka franky)
  Michael Scherer
  Oleg Nemanov (aka Lego_12239)
  Piotr Zielonka (aka entragian)
  Michal Vaner (aka vorner)
  Markus Hennecke
  Thorsten Glaser
  Maxim Vuets
  Jan Zachorowski (aka Hermitifier)

  FR    Mikael Berthe
  PL    Michal Jeczalik Jr (aka salvador)
  UK    Myhailo Danylenko
  DE    Frank Zschockelt
  NL    Eric Hameleers
  RU    Loenko Artyom (aka dive)
  IT    Alessandro Dotti Contra
  CS    "Vic"

I'd like to thank the regular members of the mcabber MUC room for their ideas
and suggestions: Wolfram, bb, MysticOne...


Here is the original acknowledgement from the cabber project:

    Special Thanks to:
        Daniel Borca   (
                       Many of the new code is his own work!!!
                       Thanks Daniel!!!

    Thanks to:
        Abrililla	   (???)
        Gabber	   (
        Manolo Romero  (
        NexusX	   (
        Pablo2000	   (
        Pras           (???)
        Ted		   (
        Thomas Fischer (
        _Yed_	   (#linux at irc-hispano)
        ZJoyKiller (#linux at irc-hispano)

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