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Update documentation - /request last - /request vcard - /room bookmark - /roster note ... and a few minor manpage updates.
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 /ROSTER bottom|top|hide_offline|show_offline|toggle_offline
 /ROSTER hide|show|toggle
 /ROSTER alternate|unread_first|unread_next
 /ROSTER search bud
 /ROSTER note [-|text]

The 'roster' command manipulates the roster/buddylist.
Here are the available parameters:

/roster bottom
 Jump to the bottom of the roster
/roster top
 Jump to the top of the roster
/roster up
 Move up in the roster
/roster down
 Move down in the roster
/roster hide_offline
 Hide offline buddies
/roster show_offline
 Show offline buddies
/roster toggle_offline
 Toggle display of offline buddies
/roster hide
 Hide roster (full-width chat window)
/roster show
 Show roster
/roster toggle
 Toggle roster visibility
/roster item_lock [jid]
 Lock the roster item so it remains visible regardless of its status
/roster item_unlock [jid]
 Undo the effects of item_lock
/roster search bud
 Search for a buddy with a name or jid containing "bud" (only in the displayed buddylist)
/roster alternate
 Jump to alternate buddy.  The "alternate" buddy is the last buddy left while being in chat mode.  This command is thus especially useful after commands like "/roster unread_next" (Ctrl-q).
/roster unread_first
 Jump to the first unread message
/roster unread_next
 Jump to the next unread message
/roster note [-|text]
 Set/update/delete an annotation.
 If there is no text, the current item's annotation is displayed -- if you are in the status buffer, all notes are displayed.
 If text is "-", the note is erased.