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Update TODO & ChangeLog
author Mikael Berthe <>
date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 00:16:49 +0100
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* /status_to, /say_to, and "/room privmsg" do not deal with resources
  containing spaces
* The PgUp and Ins keys do not work for some people
  Cannot reproduce, any help appreciated.
* mcabber does not work with gnutls


* UTF-8 support (Can somebody help me?)
* Implement automatic reconnection after network failure
  Note: "New message" flags are currently lost on connection failure
* Presence notification is always accepted.  We should ask...
* Display status / chat mode (a status line would be great)
* Pending message flag is not displayed when buddy is outside Contact window,
  maybe we could show it someway (maybe just a flag?).
* Show number of online contacts in folded groups
* Buddy buffer in full width (useful for copy'n paste!)
  (i.e. hide roster window)
* Publish personal information
* GPG support
* Colors for presence
* Options completion
* Persistent room in the roster (join every connect)
* MUC: advanced settings for room creation
* MUC: join password-protected room
* MUC: tell the user when (s)he's been kicked/banned
* MUC: display the roles
* s#^/me #*login # in the buffer windows

* File transfer? :)

* Commands:

  - IRC-like /room {kick,ban,whois}
  - /group expand|shrink|toggle
    + rename
  - /info [jid]
    (request info to the server if the buddy is not in the roster)
  - /server register|unregister
  - /auth request|send [jid]
  - /search <jid>|name
    (server search)
  - /help