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Add key comparison for signatures & use user-provided PGP keys for encryption When we receive a signed presence/message, we check that the key used matches the one which has been set with "/pgp setkey". If provided, we use this key for encryption too.
author Mikael Berthe <>
date Sat, 02 Dec 2006 13:11:44 +0100
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mcabber (0.8.0)

 * Mcabber now does SSL server certificate verification, and it is enabled
   by default.  You can disable the certificate verification with the
   'ssl_verify' option.  See the sample configuration file for details.

 -- Mikael, 2006-08-13

mcabber (0.7.5)

 * History log files are now stored using UTF-8 format.
   If you have enabled history logging, you need to convert your existing
   logfiles.  For example, you can use the following command to convert
   all ISO-8859-15 files in directory $histodir to UTF-8:
   $ recode iso-8859-15..utf-8 $histodir/*
   (There are other tools: convmv, utrac...)
 * The names of the color options have changed, please check your
   configuration file if you have customized your colors.
   The sample config. file has been updated.

 -- Mikael, 2006-04-03

mcabber (0.6.5)

 * The "debug" option has been replaced with the tracelog_level and
   tracelog_file options.  The sample config. file has been updated,
   so you should have a look at it if you want to use advanced logging.

 -- Mikael, 2005-07-25

mcabber (0.6.4)

 * The configuration file format has changed.  Options need to be set using
   the "set" keywords.  The sample config. file has been updated.

 -- Mikael, 2005-07-18

mcabber (0.6.2)

 * Support for old style (i.e. < 0.6.1) history logfiles has been removed.
   You can upgrade your logfiles with the script "contrib/"
   if you haven't already done it.
 * The colors option names have changed (and they aren't mandatory anymore).
   Please look at the sample config. file to update your mcabberrc.

 -- Mikael, 2005-07-11