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[/trunk] Changeset 51 by mikael Work on libjabber integration. This is a big patch... * Remove socket.[ch] server.[ch] We have now fully switched to libjabber. * Roster is fetched, and buddies are added to the buddylist * Can send/receive messages using libjabber * Presence messages are handled. I have added statuses, as there only were online / offline statuses. * Use halfdelay to have a non-blocking getch(). And use a timeout in jb_main(). * Use utf8_{encode,decode}
author mikael
date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 19:13:58 +0000
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#ifndef __AJMACIAS__
#define __AJMACIAS__ 0xWIN!

#define VERSION "MCabber v0.6.0-dev -- based on"
#define EMAIL "Email: bmikael [at] lists [dot] lilotux [dot] net"