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 Hello, and thanks for trying mcabber.

For installation instructions, have a look at the INSTALL file.

A configuration file is necessary to start mcabber.  Its name is
$HOME/.mcabber/mcabberrc (or $HOME/.mcabberrc).

A sample configuration file, "mcabberrc.example", is provided in this
directory.  Copy it and modify it to fit your needs.

You can use mcabber "-f" option to specify another configuration file.


This is an overview of mcabber Jabber features:

  XEP-0012 - Last Activity
  XEP-0022 - Message Events
  XEP-0027 - Current Jabber OpenPGP Usage
  XEP-0030 - Service Discovery (partial)
  XEP-0045 - Multi-User Chat
  XEP-0048 - Bookmark Storage
  XEP-0049 - Private XML Storage
  XEP-0054 - vcard-temp (retrieval only)
  XEP-0085 - Chat State Notifications
  XEP-0090 - Entity Time
  XEP-0091 - Delayed Delivery
  XEP-0092 - Software Version
  XEP-0115 - Entity Capabilities support
  XEP-0145 - Annotations
  XEP-0146 - Remote Controlling Clients (partial)
  XEP-0184 - Message Delivery Receipts
  XEP-0199 - XMPP Ping
  XEP-0202 - Entity Time
  XEP-0203 - Delayed Delivery
  XEP-0249 - Direct MUC Invitations (partial)

This software is under development, please give me some feedback (and some
patches if you can!).  Or just tell me you're using it... ;-)

There is a Mercurial repository on mcabber's website
and a Jabber conference room: <>.

  Mikael <>