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  Hello, and thanks for trying mcabber.
-For installation instruction, have a look at the INSTALL file.
+For installation instructions, have a look at the INSTALL file.
 A configuration file is necessary to start mcabber.  Its name is
 $HOME/.mcabber/mcabberrc (or $HOME/.mcabberrc).
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 A sample configuration file, "mcabberrc.example", is provided in this
 directory.  Copy it and modify it to fit your needs.
 You can use mcabber "-f" option to specify another configuration file.
 This software is under development, please give me some feedback (and some
 patches if you can!).  Or just tell me you're using it... ;-)
+There is a Mercurial repository on mcabber's website
+ <http://www.lilotux.net/~mikael/mcabber/>
+and a Jabber conference room: <jid:mcabber@conf.lilotux.net>.
   Mikael <mcabber@lilotux.net>