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Add "verbatim multi-line" mode, with commands disabled "/msay verbatim" enters multi-line mode with all commands disabled but "/msay", so that lines beginning with a slash '/' can be sent. Note: <Tab> still do commands completion.
author mikael@frmp8452
date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 23:47:03 +0100
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* We should display a warning when we can't write (any more) logs
  (bad dir, no space left...)
* Colors are misnamed
* Buggy (or inexistent) color setup makes (m)cabber crash


* Presence notification is always accepted.  We should ask...
* Resource priority
* UTF-8 support
* Display status / chat mode
* /connect /disconnect ?
* Key bindings (ex: F5 <-> /group toggle)
* Pending message flag is not displayed when buddy is outside Contact window,
  maybe we could show it someway (maybe just a flag?).
* Show number of online contacts in folded groups
* Buddy buffer in full width (handy for cut'n paste!)
  (i.e. hide roster window)
* Create .mcabber and .mcabber/histo dirs if needed.
* Search for a user
* Get info from server about a user
* Publish personal information
* Handle message type "error"
* Show status changes in buddy window (if open)?
* Auto away
* Ctrl-o

* File transfer? :)
* Conferences

* Commands! :-)
  - /roster <hide_offline|show_offline|top|bottom|unread_first|unread_next>
    + search jid|name
  - /buffer <clear|top|bottom>
    + /buffer % 50          (jump to 50 %)
    + /buffer date $date    (jump to first msg after $date)
    + /buffer search $string
      (backward or forward? maybe search_backward/search_forward)
  - /group <expand|shrink|toggle>
    + rename
  - /say_to <jid> blabla
  - /nick                   (I don't know if it makes sense for Jabber)
  - /info [jid]
  - /server connect|disconnect|register|unregister
  - /request_auth [jid]
  - /send_auth [jid]
  - Common status shortcuts: /away, /online, /busy, /dnd
  - /search <jid>|name
  - /set option = value
  - /help
  - /rawxml...